Are You Tracking Your Content’s Performance?

Do you publish content and then forget about it?

You might be making a critical mistake.

Using analytics to track your content’s performance can tell you whether or not your content is gaining attention. You can modify your approach depending on which way the analytics swing. You can create content that connects better with your audience, possibly resulting in more views and sales conversions.

If you’ve been using your LinkedIn profile to build an audience and generate leads, then you already know the challenges you face. LinkedIn has recently launched tools to help you reach and grow your network better than before. Creator Analytics is one feature you should look into so you can take advantage of what people really want to see.

Before You Get Started with Creator Analytics

LinkedIn users must turn on Creator Mode to gain access to Creator Analytics. You probably have this mode already activated. If you do not:

  • Click View Profile.
  • Scroll down to Resources and click on Creator mode: Off.
  • Click Next on the pop-up window.
  • Click Add Topics and do so.
  • Click Done.
  • Follow the prompts and you’re good to go.

Creator Mode is currently exclusive for personal profiles that have more than 150 followers and/or connections. Eligible users must also have recently shared any type of content and have a good standing record of adhering to community policies.

How to Use Creator Analytics

Once you have activated Creator Mode, you can use Creator Analytics to make sure your content engages with people.

  • Open your profile.
  • Scroll down to the Analytics section.
  • Click Post Impressions.

From this point, you can view your content performance analytics. The platform lets you see your content’s impressions and engagements from 7 to 365 days. You can also compare analytics to the previous time range. Comparing metrics over time can give you an idea about how you are growing your audience and how. If your content isn’t experiencing much engagement, then you’ll know what not to publish anymore.

Impressions are how many times a piece of content was loaded onto the page. Views are the number of times a piece of content was viewed. Creator Analytics lets you see both metrics and more.

Engagement Demographics

You can also discover who is interacting with your content. The Engagement Demographics section displays the job titles of LinkedIn users who engaged with your content as well as their industries, companies, locations, and more. You can filter data by occupation, industry, location, industry, and, company size. You can use this breakdown to craft content that is relevant to specific industries and types of people.

If your audience is predominantly entry-level professionals, then you either focus on them or set your sights on upper management. You’ll know who is viewing your content so you can adjust your content.

Deep Insights

LinkedIn’s Creator Analytics can give you plenty of insights so you can spot trends and produce content that fulfills people’s demands. You can select any of your published content to view post analytics. You’ll find total impressions, engagement types, and viewer demographics.

You can use the automated comparative tool to gauge whether your content actually reaches and engages your audience. If you see a decline in numbers, then you should reassess your content creation strategy. Doing so before it’s too late can save you time and energy while setting you back on track. You can avoid creating poor-performing content because you’ll know what doesn’t work.

If you primarily share news and informational articles and they do not perform well, try writing opinion pieces or making videos. Creator Analytics can guide you toward an effective content creation plan.

Download Reports and More

You can save and create reports in spreadsheet format. You can get a better handle on your metrics when you can sort data to your liking. Plus, you won’t have to be online to view your statistics in case your Internet service fails. You can access your spreadsheets anytime you want.

You could also turn off Creator Mode and Creator Analytics will still track your content’s performance. To view analytics, turn Creator Mode back on via the above instructions.

Creator Mode’s Other Features

While LinkedIn’s Creator Analytics tool can change the game for many users, Creator Mode boasts several other features to help expand your reach and engagement:


You can create and publish newsletters daily, weekly, or monthly. They let you regularly inform and commentate on any professional topics you choose. Newsletters can be easy and exciting ways to build and grow your audience. You’ll always receive real-time feedback from readers and subscribers so you’ll always know how your newsletters are doing.

LinkedIn Live

You can livestream directly with your audience in real-time. According to LinkedIn, live videos get an average of 7 times more reactions and 24 more comments than native videos. You can use LinkedIn Live to reinvigorate your existing content. You can use the platform to launch new products or provide behind-the-scenes peeks of your brand.


You can display the topics you post about in your profile. These hashtags can make it easier for people to find and connect with you.

Featured Section

LinkedIn lets you highlight certain posts. You can shine the spotlight on an effective piece of content or a less popular post to attempt to gain some views.

Creator Analytics Can Change How You (and Others) View Content

LinkedIn is gradually launching Creator Analytics to all of its users who have turned on Creator Mode. If you can not use Creator Analytics now, occasionally check back until you’ve been given access. It might be difficult to remain patient given how powerful this tool promises to be.

Content and analytics are core components of marketing. They are intertwined. You can create a piece of content and get lucky as it gains a ton of views. But what about your next post or video? Without knowing how well your content performs, you could be wasting time producing content no one is viewing.

Whether they seek education, information, or entertainment, your audience has particular tastes. You have to find what they like and give them what they want. Measuring your content’s performance allows you to optimize your content strategy.

A brand that’s marketed like all the others isn’t special or memorable. You face a sturdy challenge: to make prospective customers take notice of and remember the brand. You must create better experiences. Creator Analytics can help bridge the gap between you and your intended audience. You can make more informed decisions and achieve your goal of reaching as many people as possible.

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